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As a specialist in internal medicine, assessing the condition of the heart is a key part of the service. Dr. Steven Kamara did his internal medicine residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and remained in Los Angeles, California when he opened his private practice. Fluent in five languages, he is able to serve the diverse population in the area as a primary care physician.

EKG Testing Q & A

What is EKG Testing?

EKG stands for electrocardiogram. It offers the doctor a window into the electrical activity of your heart. The human heart has a natural electrical system that allows it to draw in blood and then pump it back out. It takes a sophisticated system to accomplish those two actions. The job of EKG testing services to measure and record the various electrical impulses that make it work.

What is the doctor looking for when he orders EKG Testing?

Since, so much of the heart function relies on this complex electrical network, determining how strong the impulses are provides key insight into how well the heart works. The doctor may order the test because:

  • You have unexplained chest pain
  • There are symptoms of heart disease
  • You are feeling dizzy at times
  • Your heartbeat is irregular
  • Your take medication for your heart, the test allows the doctor to evaluate how well it is working
  • You have a mechanical implant to improve heart function
  • You are in the high risk group for heart disease or other cardiac problems

Ultimately, it is about assessing the overall health of your heart.

What do I do to prepare for an EKG?

There is no specific patient prep for an EKG like there are for other tests. For example, you don’t have to fast before getting an electrocardiogram. Prior to the test, tell the doctor what medications you take, even over-the-counter drugs like pain killers or vitamins. The doctor may give you instructions about taking some medication, especially if testing the effectiveness of a drug plan. 

During the test, the technician will ask you to remove your jewelry and open your shirt to expose your chest. Electrodes are connected to different points around you chest and they must touch bare skin in order to collect accurate data.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

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