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Steven Kamara, MD

Primary Care Physician located in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA

As a specialist in primary care, Dr. Kamara is well equipped to deal with the diverse challenges of COPD. Along with running his practice, Dr. Kamara serves as the Medical Director of various nursing facilities where he treats many people suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

COPD Treatment Q & A

What is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an umbrella term for a group of conditions that make it difficult to breathe. Included in this group is:

  • Emphysema – a disease that destroys the small air sacs in the lungs
  • Chronic bronchitis – inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes - the tubes that air passes in and out of when you breathe

Is there a cure for COPD?

COPD means the lungs have permanent damage. The doctor will look for ways to manage the symptoms of the illness to improve how you breathe and prevent further damage from occurring.

Smoking is the primary culprit in COPD. A lesser known risk factor is alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. Alpha-1-antitrypsin, or AAt, is a naturally occurring protease inhibitor that helps protect the lungs from damage.

What are the treatment options?

COPD treatments cater to the specific needs of the patient based on the extent and type of damage in the lungs. The most important thing a person with COPD can do is to quit smoking. The doctor can offer smoking cessation tools to improve the odds of quitting successfully. In addition, the doctor will treat illnesses that aggravate COPD such as respiratory infections. 

Breathing management is another top priority for COPD services. The doctor may prescribe breathing treatments that help lung functioning.

  • Bronchodilators – Open up the bronchial tubes to improve air flow in and out of the lungs
  • Inhaled steroids – Reduces tissue swelling and helps prevent exacerbation of the condition
  • Phosphodieserase - 4 inhibitors - A new treatment for COPD that help relax the airway


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